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get involved

We are experiencing a growing sense of social isolation in our community and we are feeling the negative impacts, both mental and physical. We have lost many institutional gathering places and we see a lack of trust in our diversified community. There are walls between neighbours and a loss of simple interdependence. Nowadays, we rarely borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbour, let alone rally together around community causes.

Life.School.House. was born from a belief that together, we can shift this tide and we welcome anyone seeking solutions to join us in this movement. Here are some ways to be involved and to keep this community growing:


Teach a class

We are always pleased to work with new hosts! Have a talent to share? Want to build a community around your passions?
Drop us a line!


join a class

Check out and sign up for our upcoming classes on our Eventbrite Page or our Facebook Page.


support us

Our community uses bartering to remove any financial barriers to participation but it still requires a great deal of energy and work behind the scenes to keep our community growing. Each 3 hour class requires up to 6 hours of preparation and coordination. A contribution to Life.School.House. also supports others starting up folk schools in their homes that requires with a minimum of 20-40 hours of coaching and support. Please contact us if you or your organization would like to support our movement: