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Barter Based: Creative Weaving Class

  • 2421 John Street Halifax, Nova Scotia (map)

Have you been seeing hand made wall hangings popping up in your Pinterest and Instagram feeds as #roomgoals and #aesthetic? This workshop can help unravel the basic principles of using a frame loom to create textile art.

Starting with over/under techniques and moving on to ways to create depth and texture, you will come away with building blocks that you can mix and match indefinitely as you make your own wall hangings.

Join us for an evening with Wyanne - a life long maker that learns by doing. She is internet-taught in many things and thankful for YouTube, where she can see people doing things they love and learn from their shared knowledge. Inspired by makers and crafters online, she was thinking of nailing together my own loom when she noticed that IKEA had an affordable loom option for less effort than she could make my own at the time. We will be following in her footsteps and learning together IKEA looms!


  1. A frame loom (IKEA carries a perfectly functional frame loom in their Kids Arts & Crafts section for $19.99+tax ( Note: we can also teach you to make a cardboard loom if you can't purchase one for the workshop.

  2. A diverse selection of yarn from your stash. Thick yarn/rope weaves faster and is easier to see progress, thin yarn will take longer but allow for more detailed texture.

  3. Tapestry or darning needle - big eye, blunt tip, some length

  4. Scissors

  5. Barter Items (see below)

If this is your first time attending a barter-based skills-trade class, note that attendees are encouraged to bring an item(s) to offer in exchange for the knowledge shared in addition to any supplies required for the class. If you are unable to purchase any of the required materials please contact us as we wouldn't want this to be a barrier to your participation - we have some supplies available for shared use but we need to know how much to bring :)

To help identify fair trades, our facilitator's preferred items are listed below:

  • a family doctor who is taking new patients

  • massage voucher

  • farm eggs

  • fancy mushrooms

  • movie tickets

  • butcher meat (identified and a recommended way to prepare it...there's a story that goes with needing it identified)

  • home depot or amazon gift card (we have oddly specific needs that go beyond "building materials" or "craft supplies")

There is no fee associated with this ticket but please do not just indicate "coming" on the event - we've found this is not an accurate capture of attendees. If you have any difficulty registering you can send us an email to or on Facebook or Instagram @lifeschoolhouse.

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